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June 29, 2016 / News

New track "Glorify Through Cyanide" online

Alright, beloved MetalSucks readers: who’s ready for something really, really super-fucking heavy? Who’s ready for something SO super-fucking heavy that it can actually cause permanent physical deformities to ladies who earn their living via the world’s oldest profession? Well, then boy oh boy, do we ever have a treat for you: an exclusive debut of “Glorify Through Cyanide,” a new track from Dutch death metal miscreants, Prostitute Disfigurement!

June 29, 2016 / News

New song online "Crowned in Entrails"


Prostitute Disfigurement aren't the kind of band where you're left wondering what type of music they'll be playing. As the name heavily insinuates, it's gory, brutal death metal in the vein of Carcass that will kick your ass up and down the morgue. "Crowned In Entrails" is a pretty sick song too, both in terms of enjoyability and sickening lyrics… so overall awesome. Grab their new album From Crotch to Crown on Feb. 4 via Willowtip Records!

June 29, 2016 / News

Pro Mark endorsement for Michiel

Michiel is from now on proudly endorsed by ProMark

June 29, 2016 / News

Official Teaser "From Crotch To Crown" online

Watch the Official "From Crotch To Crown" teaser!