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From Crotch To Crown

Prostitute Disfigurement

Prostitute Disfigurement's announces it's 5th studio album "From Crotch To Crown". The album will be released through Willowtip Records (USA) and the releasedate is set to february 4th 2014

Deeds Of Derangement

PD - Insides To Expose

1. Insides to Expose
2. Swollen
3. Deformed Slut
4. Postmortal Devirginized
5. Deeds of Derangement
6. She's Not Coming Home Tonight
7. Repulsive to Kill
8. G-B Massacre
9. Cum Covered Stabwounds
10. Screaming in Agony
11. Skinned & Sodomized

Left in Grisly Fashion

PD - Freaking On The Mutilated

1. Body to Ravage
2. Freaking on the Mutilated
3. Left in Grisly Fashion
4. The Corpse Garden
5. Bluedrum Torso
6. Victims of the Absurd
7. Shotgun Horror 02:56
8. Disemboweled 02:17
9. In Death's Decay
10. Bloodlust Redemption

Descendants Of Depravity

PD - Torn in Bloated Form

1. Torn In Bloated Form MP3
2. The Sadist King And The Generalissimo Of Pain
3. In Sanity Concealed
4. Killing For Company
5. Storm Of The Fiend
6. Life Depraved
7. Carnal Rapture MP3
8. Fatal Fornication
9. Sworn To Degeneracy
10. Bonus DVD Only: Live Show [Club Dynamo 16-02-07]
11. Bonus DVD Only: The Sadist King And The Generalissimo Of Pain (Clip)
12. Bonus DVD Only: Bad-TV


Descendants Of Depravity Song: Torn in Bloated Form  
Left in Grisly Fashion Song: Freaking On The Mutilated  
Deeds Of Derangement Song: Insides To Expose  
Embalmed Madness (2001) Disemboweled  

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